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Appropriate Body (AB)

If your school employs an Early Career Teacher – ECT, you must register them with an Appropriate Body.

We are committed to providing a highly-skilled, central point of contact for all schools and ECTs led by a team of dedicated ECT specialists and senior leaders with years of experience operating as an Appropriate Body. This will be a standardised approach across the region that is consistent, yet personalised, to meet the needs of all schools and their ECTs.

  • Independent quality assurance of the Early Career Teacher induction & entitlement
  • Expert advice and training for Headteachers and ECF Induction Tutors in all school settings
  • Fair and consistent assessment against the Teachers’ Standards across all institutions
  • Streamlined processes for monitoring Professional Progress Reviews & Formal Assessments through ECT Manager
  • Transition support for ECTs moving to a new AB, school, or changing the length of induction
  • All registrations and reporting to the Teacher Regulation Agency
  • Use of ECT Manager online portal (previously known as NQT Manager), streamlining processes and reducing workload.
Schools have the option of three different induction routes for their ECT:

Full Induction Programme: a funded provider led programme e.g. Ambition Institute, offering high quality training for early career teachers and their mentors alongside professional development materials.

Core Induction Programme: schools can draw on the content of the high-quality professional development materials accredited by the DfE to deliver their own early career teacher and mentor support.

School-based programme: school can design and deliver their own induction programme.